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 Game review #1-Resident evil 1 part 1

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Game review #1-Resident evil 1 part 1 Empty
PostGame review #1-Resident evil 1 part 1

Hey! I decided to do a game review, starting with a semi-favorite of mine, Resident evil 1. For this game, I will Judge:

Plot-(Note-I will try to do this with no spoilers)So, the premise of Resident evil is pretty much this. You pick one of two characters, Jill Valentine or Chriss Redfield(more on that later) and the game begins. On the outskirts of a fake city, Raccoon city, there have been some murders with victims eaten(Not Chopped-up-into-little-pieces eaten but huge-bite-marks-eaten.). So the city special forces unit, comprised of Alpha and Bravo, is called on to investigate. Bravo goes first, and contact is lost. So you, on Alpha team, are sent to rescue them and find out about the murders. You land and are ambushed by zombie dogs and your helicopter pilot leaves you. All the remaining members, Captain Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, Jill, and Chris.

Gameplay-Back to the decision of characters. Chris has a harder game because he has Rebbeca Chambers, a surviving member of Bravo Team, as a partner, starts with only a knife, and can't pick locks. He does, However, have more health then Jill. Jill has Barry Burton as a partner, gets better weapons, and has a lockpick. Rebbeca Chambers is a medic, while Barry is a weapons specialist, so Barry helps you more.There are many differences in the two characters games, including weapons, scenarios, and endings. Strangely, though, the cannon ending is not unlockable. The controls are rather weird, but you get used to them. Also, in both games, in order to save you must use ink ribbons in type writers. There is only a limited amount of ink ribbons and when you run out you can't save. There is also a lack of ammo so you have to conserve.

Enemies- Resident evil is a zombie game and is known for introducing the modern day zombie to games. But human zombies were not the only enemy. Soon into the game you run into more zombie dogs. These are much faster than zombies and can kill you easier. Much later, you run into mutants called hunters, which specialise in decapatations. They are one of the hardest normal enemies in the game. There is also many boss battles, including the infected poisonous snake Yawn, Plant 42, an experimented plant that has gone homicidal, and a Tyrant, the games final boss. All are amazing boss fights and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Come back next time for part 2, where I talk about the scares, the horrible voice acting, and give my final verdict on it.

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Game review #1-Resident evil 1 part 1 :: Comments

Very Nice review...I don't have this game but I did want it once...but not anymore...

Game review #1-Resident evil 1 part 1

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