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 Game review #1-Resident evil 1 part 2

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Game review #1-Resident evil 1 part 2 Empty
PostGame review #1-Resident evil 1 part 2

So, I am back just in one day to finish this. Just don't get used to it I might not be as frequent coming on for this.

Scares- Resident evil was, at its time, a Survival Horror game. It has some great scary moments that you don't expect, but some of them are not as bad due to bad graphics. It has the feel that you can die at any second and from any enemy, unlike mario where goombas most likely kill you less than koopas. The game over screens were pretty bad at the time, being decapitated, eaten by zombie, crushed by a boulder, etc.

Voiceacting-Oh, man this is when the crap hits the fan. This game has been known to have the worst voice acting in history. No matter who you play as, the voiceacting is horrible. If you want to see what I mean, look up resident evil Jill sandwich original, Richard Aikan resident evil original, and Master of unlocking resident evil original.

Final verdict- Resident evil is a good game, it has tough bosses, great plotline that expands as you play, and the voiceacting will either make you scream or make the game hilarious. Gameplay is hard to just pick up but with practise it can be mastered.

Resident evil gets a 7 out of ten.

Now time to comment on what you want next:
Resident evil 2
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Call of duty black ops

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Game review #1-Resident evil 1 part 2 :: Comments

Hmm...I would like to hear what you think about Super Mario Galaxy 2 please. And nice Review overall.

Game review #1-Resident evil 1 part 2

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