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 About me, SG96!

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About me, SG96! Empty
PostAbout me, SG96!

Yeah, you supposed to post about urself in YOUR blogs but I guess u guys didn't notice that, which is okay for this one time. Anyways, a little about me, the owner:

I like to read books like mystery, suspense, or just interesting (Especially Manga). It is noticeable that I love games, music and anime (which is my signature). I can't live without those three things, never, haha! Im okay with art, its fun to do, and I actually like to learn new things. Math is my favorite subject in school. I am 15 years old currently and used the username Sargamer96 since I started using the computer on my own which was probably like 6-7 years ago...hehehe. I'm not the tv/movie type, only when its Anime...but I do enjoy The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, Robot Chicken, and others. I'm usually independent when it comes to group projects and stuff like that. Yeah...there is lots more to tell but don't wanna hold you up, if you wanna know more about me (the creator), just ask here! Thanks!


About me, SG96! OJKbd

SSBB FC-0688 5159 2075.

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About me, SG96! :: Comments

Re: About me, SG96!
Post on Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:34 pm by Stargamer96
7/28/11 Updated! Very Happy

About me, SG96!

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