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by Stargamer96 - Comments: 0 - Views: 1285

This is NOT a class you should use, but may be fun if your a weirdo(like me) or if you just are bored of using an actually good class.
Primary weapon- Mac 11 dual weild w/ red dot
Secondary- ballistic knife(its awesome, but not so great)
Perks- Tactical mask, warlord, scavenger(maybe the only good perk)
Lethal- Tomohawk
Special- Smoke grenade
and then use a c4.
Thanks, do NOT use! unless you crazy!
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 1 - Views: 455

When the new Mortal Combat game was released, i was scepticle, but after playing it i was amazed and impresed. The game shows a lot of improvement. A new part of the game, that i will be covering, is Xray ability. When you press the combination of the two back triggers(depending on you game system) you attack with force, where it cuts and you use an ability where you punch(kick stab ect.) and you are able to see their bones crush and break. It is gory, but very fun. Hopefully, ill get a motage video up on my youtube channel, showing these oh so very fun moves. my username on youtube is XXXagentmittensXXX....
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 3 - Views: 574

Top 10

10. Spingrad (woodland creature/sorcerer)

9. Minatour

8. snow atronach

7. Spider Daedra

6. Daedroth

5. Storm Atronach

4. Dread Lich

3. Minatour Lord

2. Xvilla

1. Lich
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 1 - Views: 873

Finally, the sequel to the addicting puzzel game Portal. The return of Glados is not a huge shock to fans, but is refreshing knowing that the funny, and somewhat creepy robot has returned. The game does twist though, and unlike Portal 1 which lacked a story line, Portal 2 has a storyline that actually makes you think. The game is confusing, but you may be able to overcome it with brains and willpower. With many knew obstacles and characters, the game really changes. In a good way Smile. Co-op was also...
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 1 - Views: 511

Heres a few quick tips on the fallout new vegas energy weapon the gauss rifle
Gauss Rifle
-Energy weapon
-Uses micro fusion cell ammo
- Pretty inacuarate
- High powered( Damge at full condition with around 50 energy weapon skill- 108)
- Eats ammo up quickly.
-Faction use of the gun
brotherhood of steel
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 0 - Views: 1566

I was chilling, and decided to watch some gameplay videos of Fallout New Vegas. I ended up watching a top 10 weapons video, and decided to do my own little top 10 Weapons.
10.Pushy(Unarmed powerfist variation)
9.Hunting Rifle
8.Sniper Rifle
7.Annabelle(Missle Launcher)
6.Fatman(Mini Nuke Launcher)
5.Mercy(Grenade Launcher)
4.Holy Frag Grenade
3. All American(Marksman Carbine)
2. Oh Baby(Hammer)
1. Anti Material Rifle/Alien Blaster(obtained with wild wasteland only)
Leave your comments and opinions
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 11 - Views: 1303

The Mp5k is the first sub machine gun available in the online multiplayer game, that really made a hit with call of duty fans across thw world. The gun is small, and has a pretty wide variety of attatchments. Im going to give you some tips, on the best ways to use the gun effectivley in combat.
1. Good Attachments and perks
-Silencer/w slight of hand pro and hardline. Do not use at far range, gun is a little inacurate at distances
-Silencer/w rapidfire. Warlord pro is necessary, good to use either hardline or ghost pro. Again, more effective at short distances
the gun is great...
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 0 - Views: 445

Im sure anyone who has played any fallout game has learned the atomic wasteland, devisated by nuclear war, is a mericials place with mutants, monsters, and groups of dangerous mercenaries and killers. Here is a list from weakest, to strongest most deadly creature in the wasteland. I will try to post a video of creature number 1 as soon as possible.
5.Nightstalker: Hunts in packs, Dna of a Rattlesnake mixed with a coyote. Uses speed and agility, with powerful bite. Strategy- Either use a heavy machine gun or my strategy, swing a club until you have eliminated the pack.
4. Giant Scorpion:...
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 0 - Views: 3993

The hit game series elder scrolls, made a blast with the release of oblivion elder scrolls IV. The game was massive, with a total of 500 hours of gameplay and a rating of 9.5. The game offered limtiless freedom, with huge ruins, caves, kindoms, shrines, and the infamous planes of oblivion, almost like an underworld filled with creatures praising to daedric princes, who are evil and rule the plains of oblivion. The game was released around 2006, and came out with two expansion dlc's. One was shivering isles, which allowed you into the daedric prince shegagoraths relm of madness, and gave you opprotunties...
by mlglilbro14 - Comments: 5 - Views: 559
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